Stop Everything: Is Helena Bonham Carter Joining The Crown?

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Netflix are yet to confirm officially that Helena is taking the role of Princess Margaret but the actress certainly has a track record playing royals. The fifty-one year old played the Queen Mother in the Oscar winning, The King’s Speech opposite Colin Firth.

Vanessa Kirby could be passing the role onto the iconic actress…

Since Olivia Coleman was confirmed to replace Claire Foy, as Queen Elizabeth II in season three of The Crown rumours have been swirling as to who else will join her in the cast line up.

Well, Vanessa Kirby who played Princess Margaret for the smash hit’s first two series may have just let the crown jewels out of the bag. Taking to Instagram, the actress posted a photo of herself and Helena Bonham Carter next to each other, capturing the image, ‘Honoured @thecrownnetflix.’ Let’s all just take a moment to digest that Helena Bonham Carter is possibly - most definitely - about to play the first mistress of sass, Princess Margaret. WE. CAN’T. COPE.

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Speaking to InStyle’s Joshington Hosts ahead of appearing in her last series of The Crown, Vanessa revealed that, ‘Peter Morgan won’t tell me who is playing Princess Margaret next, perhaps because he knows I can’t be trusted and will just tell everyone!’ Well, Vanessa you may have just let the secret out.

The third series of The Crown is set to trace the break down of Princess Margaret’s marriage to the iconic photographer, Lord Snowdon and her transition into a formidable battleaxe. Filming is set to commence very shortly so don't expect to wait much longer for further cast announcements. However one thing is certainly clear, we will miss Vanessa Kirby and her sassy put downs.

We can’t wait. Please let this news be true Netflix!

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