SJP was let go from not one, but TWO movies (but she’s not mad about it)

She would have made a great ant...

Sarah Jessica Parker
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She would have made a great ant...

Words - Candace Ganger

It’s hard to believe there’s ever been a time when Sarah Jessica Parker was let go from anything—let alone two things. But during a recent interview on Howard Stern, the Golden Globe and Emmy winner dished on being let go from a couple well-known animated films in the past. Spoiler alert: she’s not mad about it!

Truth be told, good things came in the years after these incidents so we applaud her positive attitude about the way things went down.

On the topic of being replaced by Sharon Stone in a film that also starred Woody Allen and Jennifer Lopez, Parker says

‘I was fired from Antz. Apparently I was a bad ant.”

But that isn’t all! She went on to talk about being let go from Home on the Range, a 2004 animated film starring Roseanne Barr, Judi Dench and Jennifer Tilly. In true Carrie Bradshaw fashion, the Sex and the City star still wasn’t fazed.

‘I can’t remember which movie fired me first,’ she said. ‘The first time they were like, “We’re going in a different direction.’ Which I had always heard, like, as a joke.’

What a class act. She told Stern she’d actually recorded sessions for the movies but was fine with the studio’s decision to re-cast.

‘I was like, “Oh, you really did go in a different [direction]!” after seeing the final Antz movie.’

Although she also joked she’s ‘not had success playing an animal,’ she didn’t let it get to her. Why would it? With major success in both TV and film, maybe it was for the best.

And now? She’s busier than ever. She’s slaying it with her own shoe line designed with George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, a book series where she’s editorial director at Hogarth Publishing, and a new HBO show, Divorce, (from Girls writer co-starring Molly Shannon).

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