Sienna Miller affair challenged

Sienna Miller's lover's wife vows to win him back

Marie Claire Celebrity News: Sienna Miller
Marie Claire Celebrity News: Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller's lover's wife vows to win him back

Sienna Miller's new lover's estranged wife has vowed to win back her husband's heart.

In news which can only cloud Sienna's summer further, friends of Balthazar Getty's wife, Rosetta, claim she is willing to forgive and forget her husband's indiscretions and welcome him back into the family home.

'Rosetta thinks the bond she has with him and their kids is stronger than anything Sienna can offer,' a source tells the Daily Mirror.

'Despite reports to the contrary, the door is still wide open for a reconciliation.'

'Rosetta is maintaining a dignified silence with regards to this whole affair. She has their children to think about.'

Other friends claim father-of-four Balthazar has been emailing his wife begging for forgiveness - leaving Sienna devastated.

'Balthazar is incredibly confused at the moment - torn in fact,' explains the insider.

'As time goes by he realises how deep his love for Rosetta and their children is.'

Sienna herself has launched a legal battle against tabloid newspapers who published photographs of her kissing Balthazar on a boat near the Amalfi coast in Italy - although this doesn't appear to have stopped them publishing more pictures today.


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