SATC's Harry was once in Friends - and nobody realised until now

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Ah, we all love a good TV crossover. When famous faces you recognise from one series appear in another and you don't realise until years later, it can be a bit of a moment.

Friends, of course, had a number of A-list cameos. And when you're not shopping for Jennifer Aniston's best looks on the show or clinging to every last hope for a reboot, it's fun to look back and remember who cropped up.

Whether it's Bruce Willis playing Rachel's boyfriend/Ross's girlfriend's overprotective dad, Christina Applegate and Reese Witherspoon as Rachel's sisters, or - how could we forget? - Brad Pitt as Monica's old school friend.

But did you ever notice that none other than Sex and the City's Harry Goldenblatt, played by actor Evan Handler, also had a little screen time on arguably the most popular sitcom of all time?

The actor, who plays Charlotte's husband in SATC, appeared in an episode of Friends titled 'The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work' as a filming director. At that time, Phoebe is working as an extra on Joey's show, Days of Our Lives, and those who have watched the show again and again (and again) may remember that she had a role as a nurse who had to carry a tray to a surgeon.

However, nerves got the better of her and due to her shaky handling of the tray the director had to continuously restart the scene.

The director in question? Evan Handler - or, as we know him, Harry.

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Credit: Friends

Erm - how have we only just noticed this?!

Brb. Off to go and watch this episode once more for, you know, research purposes.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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