The one thing SJP regrets about her Sex and the City role

It probably won't surprise you, tbh

Sarah Jessica Parker
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It probably won't surprise you, tbh

SJP's role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City is truly iconic. From the many quotable lines from the show's six seasons, to the collection of fabulous outfits she wore throughout the show, Carrie is without doubt one of TV's best-loved characters, ever. And ever since we had our last SATC fix, in the form of the second movie, we've all been asking whether Sex and the City 3 is going to happen (unfortunately it doesn't look very likely).

Since the show ended back in 2004, Sarah Jessica Parker has gone on to dominate the fashion world, and she's just launched her very own Net-a-Porter shoe collection. The range comprises of 16 pairs of heels and flats, all of which Carrie would definitely be seen wearing out and about in New York. What better tribute to her character?

However, there is one thing that Sarah Jessica Parker says she majorly regrets about her time on the show. During an interview for The Edit, she revealed that there's one thing that still bothers her years after the show came to an end. And, in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion, it's all to do with clothes.

'I wish I had known to take more pictures' she said. 'I should have photographed every fitting of Sex and the City; every shoe I ever tried on anywhere in the world, ever!

'I should have shot those experiences, but I didn't want to intrude on it and ask, "Do you mind if I take your picture?" Or, "Do you mind if I document this?"'

Just imagine if she had taken all of those pictures – the Instagram posts would probably break the internet. Obviously SJP wanted to remain professional, but we totally get why she's kicking herself now for not papping all of those fashion moments.

Sex and the City binge, anyone?

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