Ryan Gosling's face during Emma Stone's SAGs acceptance speech is literally everything

These two

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone
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These two

If ever you'd doubted that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have one of the sweetest A-list friendships ever, this is all of the proof that you need.

On Sunday night, Emma took home the Screen Actor's Guild award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, for her work in La La Land.

Emma was clearly a little bit flustered to have won (because, who wouldn't be?): 'Ha, okay, um. Thank you so much for this. Wow' she began...

'To be an actor, playing an actor, and receiving an actor by a guild of actors; it's pretty exceptional. Thank you, um. Oh it's counting me down! Okay, um. I forgot everything that I ever have thought in my life.'

And Ryan Gosling's face during the whole thing was just priceless:


Emma then went on to thank the crew of La La Land and to praise several other people in the room – including, of course, Ryan.

'Ryan, you're the best, that's just the truth, no-one can argue it' she said, prompting him to laugh and hide his face behind his hand.

These two are JUST. SO. SWEET.

Watch Emma's speech in full above to see the whole thing for yourself.


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