A royal photographer has called out the ‘most difficult royal’ to work with

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  • Can you guess who it is?

    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    When it comes to the royal family, we are pretty clued up on everything from how much the Queen spends on socks to the hilarious nickname Prince William used to have for his gran.

    But when it comes to being photographed, do you know which princesses are well behaved and which ones are less so?

    According to a royal photographer, some of the world’s most glamorous members of the royal family were a bit of a royal pain once they got behind the lens.

    Reginald Davis worked for the royal family for four decades and his latest book, My Life Photographing Royalty And The Famous, reveals exactly what the monarchs were like when they were getting snapped.

    He claims that Princess Grace of Monaco was ‘the most difficult royal I ever photographed’.

    ‘She only agreed to a private audience because I had previously had a private audience with the Queen. Everyone wanted to shoot Grace.

    ‘She was such an attractive woman, why be so haughty, arrogant and awkward?’

    Princess Grace

    Photo by REX/Shutterstock: PRINCESS GRACE OF MONACO

    Speaking of the images he took, Davis continued: ‘Of course, you’d never know that from looking at her face. She seems every inch the relaxed, happy mother.’

    Although Davis wasn’t Grace’s biggest fan, he admitted that his favourite royal to photograph was Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister, Princess Margaret.

    ‘She was just so vibrant — and had these beautiful azure eyes,’ he said. ‘She really was the Diana of her day. Everything I took of her was in demand.’

    Davis also speaks highly of the Queen, who he first photographed in 1959.

    ‘I’d been invited to Windsor Castle to photograph the family in the gardens. I had this idea of sitting them all on the grass but the ground was so wet I had to get something for them to sit on,’ he said.

    ‘All I could find was a Persian rug. When Prince Philip saw it he wanted to know: ‘Whatever is a Persian carpet doing in the middle of Windsor?’

    royal family

    Photo by Reginald Davis/REX/Shutterstock: Prince Philip, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne at Frogmore, Windsor

    ‘But thankfully the Queen eased the situation.

    ‘She said to the two younger boys (Princes Andrew and Edward): ‘Come along children, let’s sit on the magic carpet and fly away!”

    Yet another reason to love our Liz.

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