Ronnie Wood model affair confirmed

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  • Russian girl's mum: 'Katia did sleep with Ronnie Wood'

    The mother of the Russian girl Ekaterina Ivanova who has been holed up in Ireland for the last two weeks with Ronnie Wood has revealed she believes her daughter did sleep with the ageing Rolling Stone.

    Irina Ivanova said her daughter agreed to go to Ireland to pose nude for Ronnie’s portraits for £300 a day.

    She spoke to the Daily Mail as Ronnie returned from Ireland to face his devastated wife, Jo, and check into rehab.

    Irina told the paper that ‘Katia’ had told her there was no sex involved, but that she did not believe her. She said: ‘Katia told me, “Believe me mother, I have done nothing wrong”. But she is my daughter. I know her voice, I know the intonation that she was lying to me.’

    And when asked if she believed the pair had sex, she replied: ‘Yes. She said one thing. I think different.

    ‘She loves him. She is so proud to be next to him. It’s not because of the money he has. It’s because of the personality he has.

    ‘She doesn’t say “I love him” she will only say “I like him”. But I know my daughter and I think yes, she loves him.’

    Wood met Katia in an escort bar, where she worked as a waitress, in April, and took her to his Co. Kildaire retreat a couple of weeks ago, where the pair reportedly spent a lot of time drinking vodka.

    Ronnie returned home after Jo threatened to end their marriage, but Irina believes there is still something between him and Katia. She said: ‘I don’t think they are completely over. But she will not do the running.

    ‘She will not make the first step to meet him again. She does not need to go to rehab. She is not an alcoholic.’

    Irina added that Katia was very excited when she first met Ronnie, but she was less than impressed.

    ‘She felt everyone would be really proud because he is a legend of the music world. I’m not a fan of the Rolling Stones at all. I prefer the Beatles much more.

    ‘But that doesn’t mean I would like to see her run off with Paul McCartney. I would prefer she wasn’t with any old rock stars at all.

    ‘She was really excited when he offered her a job modelling. She said she just had to do it – to know what the Rolling Stones were all about.’

    She concluded: ‘Everybody has to pay for what they have done. I am her mother and I am not happy about what happened.

    ‘But I suppose they are just human beings. I think this will be good experience for her for her own life. She has to learn to know people. She must be more careful.

    ‘I am happy Ronnie is back with his family. Back with his family is where he should be. I don’t care so much about him or whether he is in rehab. I just care about my daughter.’

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