Robyn interview

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  • Almost ten years on from her big hit Show me Love, Swedish dance-pop star Robyn is back in the charts

    When the single With Every Heartbeat reached number one in the UK it must have meant a lot?

    It was the greatest moment of my career.

    Any other highlights since you’ve been away?

    I met the Dalai Lama four years ago when he held a seminar in Sweden. I had an audience with him afterwards and presented him with my album. I’ve got a picture, at home, of him holding my record.

    What inspired you to buy out your record deal and start your own label?

    I wasn’t allowed a dialogue about what my records should be. They wanted me to be Britney or Christina, so I started my own label from my little kitchen. I want to make the kind of music I grew up listening to ? Madonna, Prince and Kate Bush.

    Your music’s fiercely autobiographical. Do you have any regrets about that?

    It’s personal, not private. When I’m writing lyrics there’s no censorship.

    So what inspired your new single, Handle Me?

    It’s about any guy who thinks he’s the shit, but he’s not. I think we’ve all met them and there are certainly plenty of them in the music industry.

    Robyn’s new single, Handle Me, and album, Robyn, are out now on Konichiwa Records.

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