Revealed! Naomi Watts’ post-baby body secret

What’s whipped Naomi Watts right back into shape?

Naomi Watts, celebrity news, Marie Claire
Naomi Watts, celebrity news, Marie Claire

What’s whipped Naomi Watts right back into shape?

Some celebrities get personal trainers and sometimes even personal gyms to help them beat the baby bulge. Not Naomi Watts. Her secret? Her new baby boy.

The 40-year-old recently gave birth to son Samuel Kai with boyfriend Liev Schreiber.

He joined their first child, Alexander Pete, who was born in July 2007.

The King Kong star said there’s no specially-devised diet needed to fight the fat: ‘You drop some weight just by running after them,’ she laughs.

The Aussie actress, who can soon be seen co-starring with Clive Owen in The International, exercised and walked a lot during her pregnancy.

She adds that breastfeeding also helped her whittle the weight.

‘I was hungry the whole time and I'm still hungry all the time!’


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