Revealed: How Michelle Obama tones her arms

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  • Michelle Obama's personal trainer reveals the secret behind the First Lady's toned arms

    They’re the most talked about pair of biceps around and now Michelle Obama’s personal trainer has revealed how America’s First Lady achieves such toned upper arms.

    The secret? Tricep pushdowns and hammer curls, says Cornell McClellan, long-time personal trainer to Mrs Obama.

    In the latest issue of U.S. magazine’s Children’s Health, McClellan describes the First Lady’s love of fitness, having worked with her since 1997 at his Chicago fitness studio.

    ‘She’s truly committed herself to the importance of health and fitness,’ he says.

    Renowned for her stylish choices, including numerous sleeveless shift dresses, Mrs Obama isn’t afraid to display her toned upper arms, thanks to a dedicated ‘arm-shaping superset’ of tricep pushdowns and hammer curls.

    At 45 years of age, the First Lady is certainly putting us to shame. Anyone for a lunchtime gym visit?


    Perform one set of tricep pushdowns using a straight bar attached to the high pulley of a cable station and then, without resting, follow with a set of hammer curls using dumbbells. Immediately repeat the entire process until two or three sets of both exercises have been completed.


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