Diana talks about marriage troubles in unearthed personal letter

It has never been seen before

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It has never been seen before

Princess Diana was known for her sense of humour. Recently it was revealed that the late royal sent this rude (and hilarious) birthday card to her accountant, and we also know that when he turned 13, William's birthday cake was pretty cheeky. And she organised for some of the biggest supermodels of the time to attend...

But she was also kind and caring, working closely with various charities and making time to really talk and listen to the people she met at official engagements and events.

So when one woman wrote Diana a letter about her marriage troubles, she made the decision to reply with a personal message to give the lady, known as Erika, some hope.

In a letter that surfaced recently, Diana praises Erika's 'courage' and discusses her 'low self-esteem'. It's something that she candidly spoke about herself during an insightful interview on BBC's Panorama, which coincidently aired just days before this letter.

It is dated 29 November 1995, three years after Diana and Prince Charles separated and a year before they officially divorced.

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In the reply to the distressed woman, Diana wrote:

'Dearest Erika,

'I have received your letter and of course read it with concern and a wish to support you in any way I can.

'There is a great deal of pain inside you, hence the block as you call it - that is a natural response for someone who has been through the traumas you've experienced.

'Reading between the lines of your letter I feel a very special lady is struggling with a low self-esteem because of all the bruises you had to deal with, mentally and physically.

'I do know that it takes great courage to write as you did and with that honesty and clarity the light will appear in your tunnel.

'I am thinking of you so much, hang on in there Erika.

'Lots of love from Diana x.'

The letter will go for sale at Julien's Auctions in LA where it is expected to sell for around £4,000.

Martin Nolan of the auction house said: 'Our understanding is that Erika was a member of the public who was experiencing a troubled time and she wrote to Diana for advice and support as she herself had experienced a difficult time with the break up of her marriage.'

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