Prince George has a hilarious nickname from his schoolmates

No, it's not George of the castle...

Words by Maisie Bovingdon 

Prince George has not only stolen our hearts, but also those of his schoolmates – so much so, he apparently has a brilliant nickname from his pals at Thomas’s Battersea.

The five-year-old royal – who is third in line to the throne – is in Year 1 at the south London school, and is known by his peers not as George, or Prince, but  P.G, a source told Vanity Fair, a moniker that is far from his pseudonym, Archie.

But why P.G? No, it isn’t a nod to the tea brand, but actually a shortened version of ‘Prince George’ – get it?

But the moniker isn’t mocking his royal status, because Kate Middleton and Prince Willian’s eldest son is ‘very popular’ in class, and people don’t make a ‘fuss’ about who he is and his famous relatives.

The insider continued to tell the publication: ‘He’s very popular and has a lot of friends, and there’s very little fuss made about who he is.’

George also has the support of his royal cousin Maud Windsor – who is the daughter of Lord Frederick Michael George David Louis Windsor and Sophie Winkleman – as she too goes to Thomas’s Battersea.

Will P.G. be a nickname that sticks throughout George’s life? We’ll have to wait and see, but it certainly is catchy.

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