Prince Charles thought he could 'learn to love' Princess Diana

A new book reveals intimate details about their relationship

prince charles princess diana

A new book reveals intimate details about their relationship

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

When he's not photobombing Kasabian, we like to imagine that Prince Charles can be found sauntering around the palace, helping Prince George pick out his shorts and giving advice to Prince Harry about Meghan Markle.

But thanks to the release of a new book documenting the life of the heir to the throne, Prince Charles has been getting a lot of unwanted attention. Of course, one of the topics that has most interested people is that of his relationship with Princess Diana.

The biography, Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life by Sally Bedell Smith, thoroughly documents their relationship, from the troubles circling their engagement in 1981, to how he 'wept' the night before the wedding.

The book also claims that the Prince wasn't in love with Diana when he first proposed, and that at that point they had only been on about twelve dates.

'He was obviously anguished, and he said she was someone I could learn to love,' Bedell Smith told People.

According to reports by The Washington Post, Prince Charles spoke to his friend and confidante, Earl Louis Mountbatten, who advised him to propose to Diana as the other women he dated were not 'fit to be a princess'.

Charles and Diana were married for fifteen years before they divorced in 1996, just a year before her death.

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