Is this the reason why Prince George always wears shorts?

There's a reason why you always see Prince George in shorts, apparently

Prince George 3rd birthday photos
Prince George 3rd birthday photos
(Image credit: Matt Porteous)

There's a reason why you always see Prince George in shorts, apparently

Whether it’s ecstatically blowing bubbles or pushing his face up against a plane window as he comes home from Canada, there’s one thing we can all agree on – Prince George is ridiculously cute.

And while it may well be a combination of those golden locks and chubby cheeks, Prince George’s super cute dress sense is definitely a factor. Most often spotted sporting sweet little shorts and adorable knee high socks, George’s outfits have influenced a generation’s dress sense as people rush to replicate his look. Just like his mother, Kate Middleton, Prince George has the ability to sell out a piece of clothing instantly.

Royal Stamp Prince George

Prince George in his signature blue shorts

In fact, Prince George’s continual appearance in shorts hasn’t gone unnoticed. Experts in royal etiquette have speculated that it comes down class, arguing that it is only the middle classes who dress their boys in trousers and citing Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, who all similarly wore shorts until there were around eight, as examples of royal tradition.

But according to Dr Ed Owens, historian at the University of Lincoln and expert in the monarchy’s relationship with the media, this sartorial choice might be far more calculated than you think.

Kate Middleton Prince George outfits

Here he is in a cute pale blue pair for a public appearance

‘Shorts symbolise the idealisation and innocence of childhood,’ explains Dr Owens. ‘This boy will one day be king, so it’s key that he’s seems to be as ‘ordinary’ as possible before he assumes his role as king, which the media always characterises as burdensome and difficult.

‘This change in portrayal from carefree child to burden adult has characterised the royal family’s image since the 1930s, and is integral to generating public empathy for them.’

To put it simply, Prince George’s shorts have a more important role than simply making out hearts melt – they’re pivotal for continuing public support for the royals.

If only we had a wardrobe which was half as powerful.

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