People really want this royal ex-couple to get back together

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  • The photos are too cute.

    The royal family’s been incredibly loved up at the moment, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding in the rearview mirror now and a potential reunion in the cards for another ex-couple. At Royal Ascot this weekend, many of the royals stepped out in their best finery and hats to cheer on the ponies – though two people in particular caught the internet’s attention.

    While Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice may have created some buzz around their Ascot looks, their divorced parents had tongues wagging after photos of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson surfaced online.

    prince andrew sarah ferguson


    It didn’t seem like there was an ounce of bad blood between the former couple, who were photographed laughing with one another and at one point Sarah tenderly reached up to fix his lapel.

    prince andrew sarah ferguson


    Sarah shared a lovely photo of the three together on her Instagram account. Her caption quickly attracted a lot of attention though, as she wrote, ‘Great day with my family’.

    People immediately noted that she’d addressed Prince Andrew as part of her family, which spurred people to believe that the pair should get back together. They divorced in 1996, however are said to continue living together in his Royal Lodge in Windsor in separate rooms according to Express.

    One user wrote, ‘The body language is Magic you two should get back together and be a proper family.’

    Another observed, ‘The chemistry is tangible.’

    Another wrote, ‘You two should quietly remarry and enjoy your lives. Let the young blood handle the royal duties.’

    And then one just wanted them to get down to business, writing, ‘Just get back together already!’

    prince andrew sarah ferguson


    Sarah has previously kicked the rumour mill into gear when she wrote a birthday post earlier this year, including a picture of the royal as a young man. She captioned it, ‘Happy birthday to the best man, father friend…..Prince Andrew.’

    It was the latter half of her caption that had eyebrows raised everywhere though, as she added, ‘ooh the best looking’.

    Well to be honest, that’s probably more suggestive than their Ascot antics really. Whether they’re together or not, seeing them together and joking about is kind of inspiring. Not all bad relationships have to go up in flames, or as one user put it in the comment section…

    ‘This is so cute and exactly how you should be with an ex. Once love was there with someone it never truly leaves the heart,’ they wrote.

    Cheers to that.

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