Olivia Colman 'bloody well hopes' she's getting paid the same as her The Crown co-star Tobias Menzies

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The Crown fans are more than a little excited to see Olivia Colman join the show when it returns later this year. The Oscar winner will be taking over from Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II alongside a star-studded cast which includes Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip and Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret.

While she won't have the same coloured eyes as the Queen, she has been working hard to ensure that her performance is spot on, studying the monarch in great depth and copying her every move.

Olivia told Harper's Bazaar: 'I can’t just sit like me, I have to sit like her, and look like pictures of her.

'They have been teaching me how to walk – I’m really terrible at that, I have no physical awareness. I walk a bit like a farmer, one of the directors said.'

And when she was asked about her pay, she had the best response.

The Crown caused controversy last year when it was revealed that Claire Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth II for two seasons, was paid less than her co-star Matt Smith, who played Prince Philip, and it sparked outrage.

However, when asked about about whether or not she was being paid the same as Tobias Menzies, she replied: 'I bloody well hope so.

'It’s not called Philip, it’s called The Crown.'

Quite right.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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