Why Olivia Colman won't have the same coloured eyes as the Queen in The Crown

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The Crown season 3 is on its way, and this time Olivia Colman will be taking over from Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II. Fans of The Favourite Oscar winner are eager to see how she takes on the role of the monarch in November, alongside Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip and Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret.

But there will be a subtle difference between Olivia and the Queen - and it's all to do with the colour of their eyes.

Queen Elizabeth II has blue eyes, as does Claire Foy. Olivia Colman, however, has brown eyes and she won't be opting for contact lenses to change their hue.


The former Peep Show actress told US Vogue that she can't because she has 'very strong eyelids'.

She explained that when she did attempt to wear them: 'It was basically like an exorcism: "Just hold me down and thrust it in!"'

According to director of The Crown, Ben Caron, Olivia's portrayal of the Queen completely changed when they did attempt to use blue coloured contact lenses.

He told The Guardian: 'It was as if we had taken all of her acting ability and put it in a safe and locked it away.'

There was also the option of giving her blue eyes through the power of CGI, but he was reluctant, saying: 'It didn't feel like her. CGI-ing her eyes seemed to diminish what she was doing.'

Brown eyes or blue, we can't wait to see Olivia in the new season.

Who's ready for Sunday 17th November? Same.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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