Nicole Kidman piles on the pounds

Nicole Kidman goes on Bridget Jones-style diet to fatten up for new movie role

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman goes on Bridget Jones-style diet to fatten up for new movie role

NICOLE KIDMAN IS following a Bridget Jones-style diet in an attempt to fatten up ahead of her latest film role.

The actress is due to play Hanna Schmitz in director Stephen Daldry's adaptation of The Reader - a bestselling German novel set in post-war Germany - and had hoped to rely on prosthetics to fake her weight gain.

However, Daldry - who also directed Kidman in her Oscar-winning role in The Hours - persuaded her it would look more realistic if she genuinely put on some weight.

'Nicole has said this is one of the most challenging film roles of her career,' a friend reveals.

'She is naturally very slim and loves to run and swim so she is always very toned.

'The part she plays demands that she gets fatter throughout the movie as her character slips into middle age.

'It's a very demanding role because there are a lot of explicit lovemaking scenes.

'The film is set over several decades so her character changes a lot.'

Nicole had reportedly already gained 10lb for the part, and plans to double that weight gain before filming commences.

'She has been eating about four meals a day,' adds Nicole's confidante. 'It's not usual to see her work her way through a big plate of pasta, with bread, and then a dessert.

'She's having to gorge herself. She has quite enjoyed gaining the first 10lb and has been having lots of her favourite puddings as well as chocolate.'

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