Nichola Burley interview

Nichola Burley stars in this controversial Brit-flick set in Spain

Nichola Burley
Nichola Burley

Nichola Burley stars in this controversial Brit-flick set in Spain

After appearances in television shows Goldplated, Shameless and Drop Dead Gorgeous, Nichola Burley, 21, stars in the sexed-up, sun-kissed thriller Donkey Punch, one of the hottest - and most controversial – British films of the summer.

So have you heard of this sexual position - the Donkey Punch - that features in the film?

This is the thing. If you look on the Internet, people say they've done it. To be honest, before I got the film, I'd not heard of it - so I looked it up. The writer David Bloom was in a bar in America, and all these guys were round a table talking about the most extreme sexual thing they've ever done, and this guy said, 'Well, I've done a Donkey Punch.' And that topped it.

You've played sexually confident girls before. Did you have any advice for your co-stars when it came to them filming the central sex scene?

They all came to me before, because they knew I'd done sex scenes! They said, 'What should I do?' - even the guys! - 'What will it be like?' But they were very aware that they had to do it. All I could say is that the only thing you could do is your best, otherwise it won't look right. But I do remember finding them in the studio, and they were all sat around drinking Jack Daniels and covered in fake sweat.

Has anyone from your family seen the film yet?

My granddad - he's in his seventies, bless him. I took him to see it at a London screening. I said, 'Granddad, what did you think?' And he said, 'I think it's a cross between a porn and a horror!' But he really liked it.

You're also in Starstruck. Tell us more..

It's a film about two girls, who are outcasts in society. It's quite strange, but they end up kidnapping this footballer.

Donkey Punch opens on 18 July.

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