6 Gifs To Express Our Joy That Naomi Campbell Is Getting Her Own Show

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  • Judging by her previous TV appearances, it's going to be brilliant

    Big news for followers of the world’s feistiest supermodel: Naomi Campbell is to star in her own show. I Am Naomi will be somewhere between a reality show and a talk show, giving viewers ‘a backstage pass as she spends time with the world’s most powerful and influential people’. It’s set to air online on Yahoo Screen (no date confirmed yet), and we predict it will be… hilarious.

    If you saw modelling show The Face, you’ll know that Ms Campbell is TV gold – an expert in high drama, and someone who can say a thousand words with one snarky, raised eyebrow or a quiet smirk. Here are some moves from her repertoire that we hope to see in the new show.

    The Maniacal Laugh (With Hair Swish)

    Employed here in her modelling competition The Face, this elegant cackle is the perfect way to assert one’s dominance when faced with a fool.

    The Humble Smile

    …Or for more meek moments, like Naomi’s appearance on this 1990s TV show, a butter-wouldn’t-melt, winsome smile is also available.

    The Discreet Gloat

    Remember, Naomi always wins. And she does not necessarily believe in being sportsmanly about it.

    The Scathing Side-Eye

    This is either ‘Did you get dressed in the dark?’ or ‘I despise you’, depending on context.

    The Wrath

    You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. Unless of course she’s angry with someone else, and then you’ll probably really enjoy it.

    The Growl

    And if she pulls this face, you should find a safe hiding place and stay there for the foreseeable future.

    Naomi, you’re a goddess. We can’t wait.

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