7 crazily elaborate celebrity birthday presents

This will give you gift goals for life...

Reese Witherspoon Birthday.jpg

This will give you gift goals for life...

David Beckham, Channing Tatum and Princess Charlotte celebrated their birthdays in style recently - not together of course, although we’d love to attend that party!

From what we can tell, celebrity birthdays are just like normal birthdays… except for the fact that they're on steroids*: The cakes are more decadent, the décor – well, let's just say it's not homemade - the guest list is star studded and triple figured, and it's all topped off with an extremely elaborate gift to make all of us regular folk green with envy.

None of this chocolates and flowers malarkey – we’re talking horses, sports cars and private islands.

Here are some of the most lavish and outrageously expensive celebrity birthday presents to give us gift-giving (more like gift-receiving) goals for life… Channing Tatum Channing Tatum’s birthday present from his wife just last week has taken the cyber-world by storm. Jenna Dewan gave her beau a gorgeous rescue horse called Cajun. It's safe to say that it's not your typical birthday present but in the world of celebs, Cajun looks like an average bunch of flowers.

Kanye West It comes as no surprise that Kim and Kanye don’t just compete on the fashion front, it seems that they also go head to head in the giving of the most extravagant birthday gifts. Kanye hired out a whole movie theatre for Kim’s birthday for a private screening of Steve Jobs – going so far as to get all of the guests to dress up as his pregnant wife- baby bumps and all.

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Kim Kardashian Never one to be outstaged, Kim took things to a whole new level - hiring out the Staples Centre sports stadium for Kanye's birthday, complete with Lakers cheerleaders performing alongside a private John Legend concert…oh and she bought him a brand new Lamborghini… no biggie, though. (Kim wins.)

Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham seems to do very well in terms of birthday gifts. Not only did David splash out and buy her a vineyard – yes, a vineyard - good chum Heidi Klum also bought her a year’s supply of cupcakes.

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Johnny Depp It seems that Johnny Depp is a bit of a dark horse when it comes to gift giving. He reportedly bought wife Amber Heard a beautiful yacht to holiday on together. Lucky right? We just hope she doesn’t know that Depp bought his ex Vanessa Paradis a whole island.

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Angelina Jolie What to get the man who has everything? A waterfall apparently. That’s right – after fretting over gift ideas, Angelina ended up buying her hubby a cascade all for himself, after Brad apparently expressed a dream to build a home on the set from the Lion King.

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Katy Perry On the list of celebrities hoping to head into space alongside Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher, is Russell Brand. Katy Perry bought the out-of-this-world experience as a gift for her ex-husband when they were still together. Sending your ex-husband into space… maybe this was a worthwhile investment for KP after all.

Now that we are all feeling suitably depressed and deprived in comparison, here is a picture of David Beckham celebrating his birthday with a Colin the caterpillar cake to prove that deep down we’re not so different after all!

* Not literally. Obviously.

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