Molly-Mae Hague shares vastly different before and after photos after getting her fillers removed

The former Love Island star has spoken candidly about her "growth" and desire to embrace a more natural look.

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The former Love Island star has spoken candidly about her "growth" and desire to embrace a more natural look.

If you're a Love Island fan or have followed the careers of Molly-May Hague and Tommy Fury, you'll know that the 22-year-old has been quite a successful since her appearance on the show.

She was appointed as Creative Director at Pretty Little Thing last year and has also been making positive changes outside of work, too, speaking candidly to her 6.2m Instagram followers about the regret she's felt at getting facial filler and veneers at such a young age.

She's been in the process of having both removed, and today, she's shared the vastly different before and after photos to social media.

The main reason? She's posting in the hope it inspires other young women to sway away from opting for fillers if they're on the fence about getting the procedure done.

So far, it's thought she's had lip, chin, and cheek fillers removed, alongside the removal of teeth veneers, too.

On her Instagram story, she shared a post from Winter Wonderland two years ago and simply captioned the share: "Tap to age me two years..."


A photo posted by on


A photo posted by on

The two photos are fairly similar - both taken at London's Winter Wonderland, one in 2019 and one this year - but you can see the difference in Molly's face, especially in her lips.

The reality TV star has called the move to get rid of her filler "the best decision [she's] ever made” and has spoken candidly to discourage younger girls to make any costly - or sometimes irreversible - changes to their appearance.

This comes just two months on from new laws being put in place to prevent those under the age of 18 to get botox or dermal fillers - for purely cosmetic reasons - in the UK.

Molly's Twitter fans were quick to comment on the images, with one fan sharing: "Seeing these two pics side by side is crazy. Molly looks so different, like an actual different person. She has changed so much for the better."

"She literally never needed those fillers. She doesn't even need makeup she's that stunning. Molly is such an inspiration to young girls who feel pressure to look a certain way. Props to this gorgeous young lady," another fan Tweeted.

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