And The Feminist Award Goes To...Miss Piggy! Yes, You Heard.

Everyone's favourite Muppet is finally getting the recognition she deserves as an empowered feminist icon.

Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy
(Image credit: Rex)

Everyone's favourite Muppet is finally getting the recognition she deserves as an empowered feminist icon.

She's certainly no push-over and her trademark karate chop is feisty enough to instil fear and command obedience in us all, so it may come as no surprise that everyone's favourite mangalitsa pig is set to be awarded for her 40 years service to feminism. Hi-YAH!

That's right, after 40 years of putting Kermit the Frog in his place, Miss Piggy will be bestowed with a Sackler Center First Award on 4 June, honouring women who who have broken a gender barrier to become leaders in their fields, at the Brooklyn Museum's Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art.

Past recipients have included acclaimed writer Toni Morrison, stage and film director Julie Taymor and Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor.

A museum spokesperson announced: 'The 2015 Sackler Center First Awards honours performer, actor, writer, and icon Miss Piggy, for more than 40 years of blazing feminist trails with determination and humour, and for her ground-breaking role inspiring generations the world over.'

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Miss Piggy was quick to respond to the accolade, exclaiming: 'Moi is thrilled.'

But wait, it gets better, because on the day itself she'll even hold an evening of talks with feminist activist and author Gloria Steinem. Now that's a panel partnership we'd LOVE to see.

In honour of this momentous occasion we decided to round up 10 of her most empowering, inspirational, and downright hilarious quotes.

Take it away, Miss Piggy...

1. 'I am waiting for a really strong and meaningful female pig role.'

2. Agent Barker: 'Black belt, third degree.' Miss Piggy: 'Platinum belt, with an unlimited line of credit.'

3. Miss Piggy's Receptionist: 'Miss Piggy?' Miss Piggy: [as she's eating a doughnut] 'What? Can't you see that I'm busy?'

4. 'HI-YA! There's only room for one Miss Piggy. And that's moi.'

5. [in between punches] 'NO - ONE - TRICKS - ME - INTO - MARRYING - THEM - AND - THEN - HURTS - MY - KERMIE!'

(Image credit: Everett/REX_Shutterstock)

6. Rachel Bitterman: 'You are very fit for a plus sized pig.' Miss Piggy: 'And you will not look good with a plus sized lip.'

7. 'Inside me there's a thin person struggling to get out, but I can usually sedate her with four or five cupcakes.'

8. 'Holy Guacamole! This is a job for Wonder Pig!'

9. 'Smart cooks realize that the easiest cookbook to use is the Yellow Pages and the handiest appliance in the kitchen is the telephone.'

10. 'Of course women don't work as hard as men. We get it right first time!'

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