How Meghan Markle has broken royal protocol since dating Prince Harry

She has ripped up the rule book

meghan markle

She has ripped up the rule book

Apparently, Meghan Markle finds royal protocol 'difficult to understand'. The Duchess of Sussex left the bright lights of Hollywood behind her to focus on her new royal life at Kensington Palace, but with her new job comes a lot of rules.

However, Meghan has ripped up the royal rule book on plenty of occasions...

Meghan wears trousers

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According to reports, 'the Queen prefers women in dresses or skirts rather than trouser suits', but Meghan has flouted that rule many times and wearing trousers and heels has become one of her go-to combos. She made a memorable sartorial statement here in a sharp black trouser suit designed by one of her favourite fashion brands: Givenchy.

Meghan and Harry broke royal protocol while they were dating

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The couple broke royal protocol while they were dating. While Prince Harry was on a royal tour in the Caribbean, he decided to take a sneaky trip to see his then-girlfriend Meghan while she was filming Suits in Canada. Royals technically aren't allowed to combine official and personal trips.

Meghan crossed her legs in front of the Queen

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This is a big no-no, according to the royal rule book. Women are expected to adopt the ‘Duchess stance’, where you cross your legs at the ankle or keep your legs together and dip them to the side a little. Meghan crossed her legs in front of Queen Liz during a Buckingham Palace party - but quickly recovered when she realised her mistake.

Meghan closes her own car door

meghan markle

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She may be a Duchess now, but Meghan still closes her own car door behind her. When she made her first solo appearance at an official engagement at the Royal Academy of Arts, she shocked onlookers by closing the door with many calling her humble and a relatable royal.

Meghan wears dresses that show off her shoulders

meghan markle pink


At the 2018 Trooping The Colour, Meghan looked utterly glam in a stylish Phillip Treacy hat and Caroline Herrera outfit. But her off-the-shoulder bateau dress caught everyone's attention, as royals tend to opt for more conservative necklines, particularly at the Queen's huge birthday celebration.

Meghan talks about feminism

Meghan has spoken about female empowerment on a few occasions. But there's a reason that she's allowed to give feminist speeches but Kate Middleton is not.

According to royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams however, there is an official rule, and the royal expert told Bustle: '[Kate and Meghan’s] roles are totally different. The facts are that Kate is the future Queen and Meghan, as Harry’s wife, has a great deal more freedom.’

All hail royal rulebreaker Meghan!

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