7 things you need to know about Magic Mike Live

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Sometimes in this business, you have to make sacrifices. Like previewing Channing Tatum's Magic Mike Live show and reporting back, just so you know what you're getting into. It was tough, but we did it, and here are a few thoughts about the show we think you should know.

Channing Tatum is in all of us

Let's get the disappointment out of the way: Channing doesn't perform in the show, though he did grace us with his presence on press night, and even twerked in the finale, so we didn't feel too disappointed. However, as the brilliant (female) MC Sophie Linder-Lee reminded us during the 90-minute performance: Channing is in all of us. Yes, yes he is.

You make it rain unicorn money

Actual money is SO 2017. Cold hard pink unicorn cash is where it's at here, and you can make it rain as much as you want.

The cast literally climb everything including the audience (unless you say unicorn)

Let's get one thing straight: this is an extension of the movie about male strippers. As such, the Magic Mike crew will literally climb all over you, and they made a valiant effort to give everyone in the audience a lap dance. They even pull some audience members on stage and basically simulate sex, though they ask their permission first. However, if any of this makes you feel uncomfortable, there is a safe word: unicorn. Alternatively, there's a perfectly good Agatha Christie play up the road.

There's a hidden person you won't notice but absolutely makes the show

There is a hero of a woman who steps out of the shadows every time the men peel of their shirts (which happens quite a lot) to single handedly catch all of the clothes before they hit the floor. Didn't drop a thing.

There's a shit waiter who isn’t really a waiter

We asked for some wine when we sat down, and the waiter looked really perplexed and sent for his colleague instead. Spoiler alert: he wasn't actually a waiter, he was pretending to be. In fact, he was 'Michelangelo', better known as 'Mike', the star of the show. The storyline (yes, there is one) goes that he is sent to MC Sophie to answer her prayers, and become the ultimate stripper.

There are some quite cute moments

Yes there are plenty of innuendos and six packs, but there are some weirdly cute moments in the show. Like when they make the audience slow dance to Ed Sheeran, or the cast serenade women from the audience (they sing, tap dance and play the guitar, who knew?).

It's rather feminist

Yep, we were surprised too. But from the MC's funny quips ('I can be a feminist and like glitter') to references to the #MeToo movement and equal pay, to the way the dancers connected with the women in the audience, that felt quite feminist indeed.

Now go forth and enjoy.

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