Madonna and Guy to divorce?

Now Guy Ritchie’s called in the divorce lawyers

Madonna and Guy Ritchie
Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Now Guy Ritchie’s called in the divorce lawyers

The Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorce rumours don’t look to be settling down anytime soon – in fact, it’s widely reported that both parties have sought counsel from divorce lawyers.

Madonna is believed to have enlisted the advice of Fiona Shackleton – the woman who ensured that Paul McCartney only lost a fraction of his £850 million fortune to Heather Mills. And now, according to newspaper reports, Guy Ritchie has sought counsel from London legal firm, Forsters.

The couple, who have been married for seven years, have been dogged by divorce rumours for the last couple of years.

A source told the Daily Mail: ‘Guy and Madonna are at breaking point and have both separately talked to lawyers. Their friends have not ruled out all hope but the situation is dire, to say the least.’

It is thought that Guy has become increasingly frustrated with being ‘Mr Madonna’ and sometimes find her incredibly involved work life hard to handle.

The source continued: ‘Guy finds life as ‘Mr Madonna’ unbearable. He was embarrassed by Madonna’s flirtatious relationships with Stuart and Justin.

‘Now a new tour coming up, he knows Madonna is going to be surrounded by sycophants and hot young things who will only be too eager to stroke her fragile ego.

‘He is not even objecting to Madonna’s plan to relocate from London to New York City, though he has no intention of following suit.’

But some friends haven’t given up on the idea of a reconciliation. A separate source added: ‘They’ve been at breaking point ever since they first met.

‘It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they went through the motions of talking to divorce attorneys, then calling the whole divorce off and getting back together again.’


Madonna's rep has declined to comment at this time.

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