This fake note from a little girl pretending to be her Dad is brilliant

'Dear Wife...'

(Image credit: RoveAndSam)

'Dear Wife...'

A little girl has prompted laughter (and also plenty of 'awwwws') with the note she wrote to her mother pretending to be her father.

The note, from a little girl called Lily, was a thinly veiled attempt to find out the surprise present she had been given for her birthday.

Using that age-old faux casual 'oh remind me again, what was that...' technique to extract information, Lily sent a note to her mother that read 'Dear Wife, what did you get Lily for a suprise [sic] again. I forgot. Please Reply here' before leaving a helpful three line gap for the gift to be revealed, followed by a sign-off from her 'Dad' - 'Love: Don.'

The letter came complete with spelling mistakes and scribbled out words, though perhaps the most hilarious giveaway was the 'Dear Wife' opening - a little old fashioned unless Lily's parents happen to be ultra-formal types.

The letter was first shared by Australian radio DJs Rove and Sam on their Twitter account, who tweeted 'how cute is this! A little girl wrote a note to her mum posing as her father trying to work out her birthday present.' The letter quickly went viral afterwards.

We're guessing 'Wife' (whatever her real name is) didn't fall for Lily's faux-Don letter, as beautifully crafted as it was, but hopefully Lily enjoyed the birthday present when it came. Good effort Lily, better luck next time...

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