Leonardo DiCaprio just met Salt Bae and it wasn't pretty

Beef bae?

Golden Globes presenters

Beef bae?

In a bizarre restaurant-based event the collective masses never thought would happen, or even need, comes a most unholy union of epic proportions.

For February 2017 will forever been known as the month that saw Captain Planet (Leonardo DiCaprio) within touching distance of Salt Bae.

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For many of us, this would have been an exciting, yet anxiety-driven, experience. Where does one direct their gaze when Salt Bae is salting? Is it protocol to avoid eye to eye contact when Salt Bae is seasoning?

But Leo isn’t one of us. He ain’t down with the beef. Leo DiCaprio is a vegetarian lifer who served as the executive-producer on anti-agriculture documentary 'Cowspiracy'.

Does Salt Bae know this? Does Salt Bae care?

Salt Bae leonardo DiCaprio


Just so awks.

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