The Leonardo DiCaprio news we’ve all been waiting for has arrived

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  • Gonna take pollution down to zero…

    Along with his Netflix film The Ivory Game and Oscar-tipped climate change documentary getting the critical acclaim they rightly deserve, and tireless environmental-awareness campaigning, Leonardo DiCaprio is arguably the IRL embodiment of Captain Planet.

    You know, Captain Planet – the environmental superhero who battled to take pollution down to zero? For the uninitiated, here’s a little refresher (oh, how we missed this intro)…

    It turns out that this similarity hasn’t been lost on Leonardo DiCaprio, with the actor’s Appian Way Productions teaming up with Paramount for a Captain Planet film adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    The film, which is still in the very early stages of conception, will be based on the 1990s cartoon, but will reportedly take place years after the time of the original show, instead moving the story forward to a time when Captain Planet fallen on hard times, with The Hollywood Reporter describing him as a ‘washed-up has-been who needs the kids more than they need him.’ Gosh.

    If you think this sounds like a part ripe for the King of Method, then sorry, you’re going to be disappointed. Whilst Leonardo DiCaprio will take on the role of producer alongside Jennifer Davisson Killoran (who worked on the upcoming climate change doc, Before The Flood), it looks like that’s as far as Leo will be going in terms of filming.

    So far, Jono Matt and Glen Powell have had their names thrown in the ring for script writing duties, though as of yet, no actors have been attached to the new project.

    Leo, mate. You’ve got your Oscar. No one will forget the struggle, dedication and sheer force of will it took for you to make The Revenant. You’ve conquered the elements, fought a bear and slept in a dead horse, now it’s time to take on your biggest foe: Pollution…

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