Kim Kardashian has spoken out about facing the Paris robbers while testifying

This must have been so difficult

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This must have been so difficult

In a preview of this week's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian tells her mother about her experience testifying in front of her Paris attackers.

'It was just a really long thing because you have to explain it to a translator and then the translator has to explain it to the judge. Then, she writes it with the clerk and they have to read what you wrote. You have to do it sentence by sentence.'

Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris during Fashion Week in October last year, her attackers tying her up and robbing her of around $5 million worth of jewellery. In February she flew to Paris to testify against her attackers, which took the best part of a day to get through.

'Gong in there, I was so worked up wanting to explain it so quickly and you just can't do that. You just have to like be really slow and walk through the entire night like second by second, and that was really hard.

'Just by their height and weight, I could tell who from this line-up was in the room with me' she said.

'I was able to see who confessed. One of them was the guy that was in the room with me and it was very interesting to hear his story and it was pretty similar to my story. Of course, there was like a few things they're not saying to get lesser charges, but they were pretty honest and did tell most of the story exactly like how it happened.'

Kim also said that it wasn't the first time they had attempted to rob her the last time she was in Paris, but that time her husband had been with her.

We can't imagine the ordeal that Kim went through but are glad she is talking about her experience. You can watch the new episode of KUWTK this Sunday on E!.

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