Kesha pens an emotional essay about overcoming her eating disorder

A must-read


A must-read

The last couple of years have been a roller coaster for Kesha to say the least.

From her assault case against her producer at SONY, Dr Luke, and the fact that she's unable to release any new music as she's still tied to his label, to the #FreeKesha Campaign and her decision to speak honestly about her mental health battles, the star has had a full-on time of it of late.

But she's proved that she's more than capable of handling it all in the public eye – and her latest move is no different. The Tick Tock signer has penned an essay on overcoming an eating disorder.

In particular, she focused on how she's changed over the years and how she's realised the importance of a healthy relationship with social media.

'In the past couple of years I’ve grown up a lot. I’ve realized that once you take the step to help yourself, you’re going to be so happy you did. Taking the time to work on yourself requires bravery. Trying to change your life based on other people’s thoughts can drive you crazy. You have to figure out what makes you feel good and what keeps you in a positive head space' she writes on Teen Vogue.

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Kesha explained that this was why she's changed the way she sees and uses social media: 'I love it because it’s how I communicate with my fans—and nothing means more to me than my fans – but too much of it can exacerbate my anxiety and depression.'

She also took the opportunity to make a plea readers to accept their differences rather than be embarrassed by them. 'I want to pass along the message to anyone who struggles with an eating disorder, or depression, or anxiety, or anything else, that if you have physical or emotional scars, don’t be ashamed of them, because they are part of you.

'Remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And that no one can take the magic you make.'

It can't have been easy for Kesha to write such a powerful essay and we commend her for her honesty. Here's hoping her essay comforts others and encourages them to speak out.

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