Watch the bizarre moment Katy Perry’s house fell off The Brits stage

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  • Go home, house, you're drunk.

    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    Ah, The Brit Awards. Our chance to show the world that we too can put on a glamourous, showbiz awards ceremony to rival the Grammys (sort of) and celebrate the biggest stars on the planet that were nurtured on our very own soil.

    It’s glitzy! It’s fun! It’s cool!

    Until someone falls off the bloody stage.

    Madonna set the trend back in 2015 when one of her dancers literally yanked her by her cloak and a ripple of ‘What the hell just happened?’ echoed around the entire UK. The performance clip has almost 3.5 million views on YouTube, and we still can’t quite believe it happened.

    So this year, never one to stand in another person’s shadow, Katy Perry took the title for Most Cringe Stage Dive.

    Katy was performing her latest single, Chained To The Rhythm, surrounded by thousands (okay, maybe about thirty) white houses that suddenly started dancing.

    Everything was going great. She had two absolutely gigantic and slightly terrifying skeletons dressed in suits (ahem, huge political statement you can read about here) doing a slow dance with their insanely large hands, the crowd was cheering, and her gorgeous stripey trouser suit was an absolute dream.

    And then just as all the performers came to the front of the stage to finish the song, one of her houses fell off the stage.

    The dazed dancing property literally detached itself from his little cardboard friends and walked off the edge of the stage, falling on a group of unsuspecting Brit-goers.

    No one on the stage noticed (might have something to do with the fact they’re also blinded by their white house costumes) but at the end of the clip you can see people rushing over to help the fallen house, so we hope they’re okay.

    There was also a strange moment where two of Katy’s houses forgot to get off stage and had to sneak past Jonathon Ross and Naomi Campbell while they were trying to give out an award.

    Maybe leave the houses at home next time, Katy.

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