Katie Holmes hires Tom Cruise's daughter as apprentice

Stepmum Katie has hired Bella Cruise as an apprentice at her clothing line, Holmes & Yang

Bella Cruise Katie Holmes Suri Cruise
Bella Cruise Katie Holmes Suri Cruise
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Stepmum Katie has hired Bella Cruise as an apprentice at her clothing line, Holmes & Yang

Following in the footsteps of celebrity parents is nothing new in Tinseltown. But Tom Cruise's daughter Bella’s career won’t catapult her into the limelight - instead she’s been taken on as an apprentice at Holmes & Yang, the clothing company owned by his wife Katie Holmes and her stylist Jeanne Yang.

18-year-old Bella, who is the adopted daughter of Tom and first wife Nicole Kidman, will be working alongside her step mum as she learns the ropes of the fashion industry.

Speaking to People magazine, Cruise gushed: ‘Kate’s designing and (Bella) is just working her way up. She’s an artist, Bella, so it’s really great that she gets to work with it.

‘She’s loving it.’

But let’s get one thing straight – Tom doesn’t know a thing about fashion.

‘This is my wife’s company, so you talk about movie set with me, I can tell you (about) that,' he joked.

The star did attempt to explain what his daughter was up to though, in typical clueless dad fashion.

‘You’ve got to go to all these different factories and verify and make sure you get the correct clothes,’ he guessed.


Not that he isn’t proud of the new stepmother-stepdaughter duo: ‘I am,’ he confessed, ‘It’s wonderful.’



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