Kate Middleton's just revealed her unusual childhood nickname and lol

Because who wouldn't want to be named after a guinea pig?

Because who wouldn't want to be named after a guinea pig?

Before Kate Middleton married William and became Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, she lived a life more akin to us normal folk. She went to school, graduated from the university of St Andrews and had a few jobs including being a project manager for the family party supplies biz. She may now be a Princess, but we're sure her love for party poppers remains.

Whilst she's now living the royal life, there are some things from her past that can't be forgotten. Who can forget when the royal couple 'broke up' before they became engaged, or the time Kate walked in the uni catwalk show back in 2002? But more importantly, we need to talk about her childhood nickname...

It was during a trip to her old school St Andrews, in Berkshire, back in 2012, that she first unveiled her old moniker. Speaking to the kids of St Andrews, she revealed her classmates used to call her 'Squeak'.

You may be asking yourself why she was called this? Did she have a fondness for everyone’s fave dish made from leftover vegetables? Perhaps. Or maybe it was something less gastronomic.

The Mirror reported the Duchess told the pupils, 'Squeak' was also the name of the school's guinea pig. 'There was one called Pip and one called Squeak, so my sister was called Pip and I was Squeak’.

TBF, Kate got off pretty lightly. A source within the Marie Claire office has revealed she was referred to as ‘Pepperoni’ at school. Thankfully, Kate’s school colleagues were less cruel and appear far more mature. Perhaps they knew they had royalty in their midst?

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