Justin Theroux And Jennifer Aniston's Valentine's Day Plans Sound Absolutely Perfect...

Justin Theroux sounds like the perfect Valentine to us...

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Justin Theroux sounds like the perfect Valentine to us...

Ever wondered what a ridiculously famous, recently-wed A-list couple who have everything, do for Valentine’s Day? Well if you’re Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston, you keep it casual on the most romantic day of the year - like, really casual, in fact.

Speaking to E! Justin revealed that for this year’s celebrations he’s going to be enjoying a cosy night-in with his wife of six months. ‘You gotta take care of each other on Valentine's Day, every day,’ he said at the Zoolander 2 premiere in NYC earlier this week. ‘But we've actually scratched our dinner plans because I'm tired so we're probably just going to put on pyjamas and catch up on some Netflix.’

Yep, it sounds like there won’t be any over-the-top, grandiose displays of love in the Aniston-Theroux household, and the Hollywood couple will actually be staging a Netflix and chill sesh in the literal sense. And Justin also explained why his plans are so low-key this year.

‘It comes fast and furious, we have Christmas then New Year’s, then we have her birthday and then Valentine’s day,’ he explained ‘So she gets a solid of two months of just being lavished with some good stuff. I’m thinking of moving my birthday to January to break it up.’

That's a pretty good excuse as Jen's birthday falls on February 11th - but something tells us she probably doesn't just get one joint present for all the festivities, because, well, she's Jennifer Aniston.

There’s also the fact that Justin has been super busy promoting Zoolander 2 which he co-wrote and also stars in, meaning that his busy schedule has left him craving some chill-out time with his significant other.

Speaking about the recent reunion with Jen after weeks of film promotion, Justin said: ‘We've been on the road for like a week and a half in Europe and it was always the plan to meet up in New York..It was very nice to lay eyeballs on her.’

Could this couple be any more down-to-earth?

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