Justin Bieber Strips Off (But Keeps His Hat On) For The Cover Of Clash

We didn’t expect to like this picture so much…


We didn’t expect to like this picture so much…

Ever since it’s been officially OK to like Justin Bieber (although, in all fairness we always have), the ex teen dream has been breaking chart records with his music and gracing the covers of an array of publications looking, well… pretty damn hot actually.

Yes we really said that.

Music, fashion and film magazine, Clash is the latest publication to let Biebs grace its cover, and the image they’ve chosen has made us pull all kinds of impressed faces.

With the sea in the background and the sun about to set, Justin appears to be completely naked (unless his trousers are pulled down really, really low around his bum), wearing just a necklace and a hat.

In the image the 21-year-old looks to be staring very intently at something on the ground, or maybe looking for something – perhaps the rest of his clothes? It’s hard to tell. At least he’s holding onto his hat so that it doesn’t blow away in the sea breeze.

The magazine promises a ‘deep and honest’ interview with the Sorry singer, in which he reflects on the struggles he’s gone through that threatened to derail his entire career, his relationship with God and how difficult it is for him to form new friendships. Oh and the minor detail about being the biggest pop star on the planet.

‘I have made mistakes’, says Justin. ‘Part of being a man is owning up to that.’ Oh we hear ya, JB.

Nude magazine covers aside, Justin is on a role of success at the moment. He gave a brilliantly flammable performance at last night’s BRIT Awards, where he also picked up the Best International Male trophy, and stole a quick kiss from Adele as she headed to the stage - smooth.

If you missed last night’s BRIT Awards, or feel like reliving all the best parts again, you can click right here.

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