Jerry Hall to sell life story for £1 million

Jerry Hall set to sell life story in £1 million book deal

Marie Claire news: Jerry Hall: Rex Features
Marie Claire news: Jerry Hall: Rex Features

Jerry Hall set to sell life story in £1 million book deal

MICK JAGGER SHOULD be shaking in his boots – ex-wife Jerry Hall is set to sell her life story for a purse-pleasing £1 million.

The 51-year-old former model is set to reveal juicy details about her 23 years with the Rolling Stones frontman in a £1 million autobiography commissioned by HarperCollins.

According to the publisher, the book will be an 'explosive' read, and 'takes a candid look at Hall's experiences as a young model from Gonzalez, Texas, her marriage to Mick Jagger, and her life in the rock 'n' roll fast lane.'

'Jerry is a force of nature,' HarperCollins's global president, Jane Friedman, tells the Daily Mail. 'She is a vibrant, happy woman with a great sense of humour whose life story contains the unexpected and makes for a riveting read.'

After many tumultuous years and infidelities on Mick's part, Jerry's marriage to Mick broke down in the late Nineties, when Brazilian model Luciana Morad became pregnant with his child.

Jerry filed for divorce in 1999 and received a £10 million settlement.

Earlier this year, she accused her ex-husband of being a tight-wad and of depriving their children - Elizabeth, 23, James, 21, Georgia, 15, and Gabriel, nine - of basic 'day-to-day stuff'.

Sir Mick hit back, saying he found her remarks 'absurd' and that he had always paid expenses for the children, as well as 'the lion's share of the costs relating to her lifestyle'.

Sparks could fly when her tell-all book hits the shop shelves.

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