Jennifer Lawrence's airplane nightmare as engines fail during flight

This sounds terrifying

jennifer lawrence

This sounds terrifying

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly doing well despite being involved in a terrifying airplane ordeal over the weekend.

The Hunger Games star and style icon was on a flight to New Jersey when the vessel was forced to make an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York after both engines failed.

Jennifer was heading home after visiting family in her home town of Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday. But while the private plane was mid-flight and flying at around 31,000 feet, one of the engines failed and pilots decided to change course, making an emergency landing in Buffalo. However, during the landing the plane's second engine also failed.

The Federal Aviation Administration released a statement about the incident, saying: 'A Hawker Beechcraft B40 aircraft landed safely at Buffalo Niagara International Airport in New York at about 1:40pm on Saturday.

'The crew diverted to Buffalo when they declared an emergency due to engine-related issues. The flight was heading to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey from Louisville, Kentucky.'

They also stated that they would 'investigate' why it happened.

But JLaw's rep has revealed that thankfully the Oscar winning actress was unharmed after the ordeal. One aviation expert told ABC News it was 'extremely rare' for something like this to happen, stating: 'Airplanes have two engines because occasionally one fails, but two are not supposed to fail.'

One word: terrifying.

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