Jennifer Aniston always wore this MAC lipstick while filming Friends

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Hands up if you're still just as obsessed with Friends as you were in the nineties and early noughties? Same.

The show may have wrapped in 2004 (yes, it really has been fifteen years), but the world is still eager for nuggets of new information - from what Gunther looks like now, to the news that Rachel Green was almost written out of the show.

Yes, really. The style icon who gave us chic haircuts, wardrobe envy and makeup that was always on point was almost cut from Friends. Outrageous!

Luckily, she wasn't and she went on to become one of the most iconic characters on the show. Even Ralph Lauren has released a Rachel Green collection of pieces that the fan favourite would wear.

And if you always wondered which lipstick Jennifer Aniston always wore while filming Friends, we finally know. According to Pop Sugar, she wore MAC's Paramount.

When she was asked which lippy Rachel was most likely to have in her makeup bag, Jennifer revealed: 'MAC's Paramount, particularly that colour [...] because after all it was the '90s.'

In another interview from 2017, the actress also spoke about her character's love of the shade, calling it Rachel's 'go-to'.

It's still hugely popular, and while it's a 90s hue throwback (a reddish-brown that sums up the trends of the decade) it's still going strong.

If you're ever recreating Rachel's look, the MAC Paramount comes in at £17.50 and is available in stores and online.

We'll be adding it to our Christmas wishlist ASAP.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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