Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa reunited and drunkenly attempted that Dirty Dancing lift

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  • We'd take Jason over Johnny any day TBH

    While Game of ThronesDanaerys Targaryen might currently be off conquering worlds and hooking up with a family member, Emilia Clarke still has a very soft spot for her former onscreen beau Jason Momoa. The pair were reunited at a cast party for the show in Ireland and instead of recreating their emotional GoT love scenes, they decided to jump ship and go full on Dirty Dancing.

    Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drogo on the show, was ecstatic to see his former colleague as he was all grins in Emilia’s Instagram post. His training for the upcoming Aquaman has clearly done the actor good as he effortlessly lifted Emilia in a photograph, which had a mock Iron Throne in the background.

    Although they didn’t quite get to Baby and Johnny’s heights, it was a good effort on both their parts. Emilia captioned the post, ‘FYI…This is the closest you’ll ever get to me attempting ‘that lift’ from dirty dancing. Yes, my man is sitting. Yes, there’s no lake. And yes, I have no idea I’m NOT being raised above his head. (Id like to take a moment to thank alcohol for giving me courage to attempt this. Ever.)’

    She also let us know exactly how she feels about Khal Drogo in her hashtags and she’s as big a stan as they come. Although she and Jon Snow may be vying for the throne, she clearly wanted Drogo to have a fair a shot as she added the hashtag #thankgodwegotthatmanonathrone. And then she also broke our hearts when she referred to the onscreen couple’s romantic pet names for one another, adding #mysunandstarsintheireyes.

    Jason also had a lot of love for his co-star, posting his own set of photos to Instagram and they clearly had an awful lot of fun at that party. He wrote, ‘Moon of my life @emilia_clarke every time I leave you my face hurts from smiling to much. I Fucking love you forever. Aloha’

    The pair have the most adorable friendship ever and it was pretty much cemented the first day they met one another. Emilia called him ‘a complete gentleman’ in an interview with fansite Winter is Coming, where she recounted their first hilarious meeting.

    She said, ‘Our first ever meeting in the lobby of a Belfast hotel did start by him rugby tackling me to the floor yelling “WIFEY!!” it was quite an introduction and the fun has not cooled since!’

    Jason has also been a firm supporter of Danaerys’ battle for the throne on Instagram, posting multiple shots from the show cheering on the ‘moon of his life’.

    Although that said, he clearly isn’t over the way their relationship ended – pillow and all…

    Jason also had his own semi-Dirty Dancing moment at the party, sans wifey. Poor Kit Harrington was forced to carry Jason Momoa, who’s a long way away from Emilia’s petite frame. Kit took it in stride however and was later treated to a fireman’s carry from Aquaman himself, all of which can be seen in Jason’s Instagram gallery below.

    Although Drogo may no longer be part of the show, it’s so amazing to see that Jason’s still a big fan of Game of Thrones and well loved by the cast.

    Game of Thrones will wrap up for its eighth and final season in 2019, which will see the dramatic conclusion of the battle for Westeros’ Iron Throne.

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