Jane Fallon explains why she doesn’t want kids – and no, it’s not because she’s selfish

Ricky Gervais' longtime partner reveals that they have no desire to be parents

Jane Fallon is a former TV producer, a best-selling author and the longtime partner of Ricky Gervais. She is not, however, a mother.

And for some reason, Jane says, people aren’t very accepting of that fact.

In the May issue of Marie Claire, the 53-year-old author explains how strangers stare at her with confusion when she reveals her childless state. One woman at a dinner party even asked, ‘Don’t you think that’s selfish?’

But despite the haters, Jane stands by her decision – one that she describes as complex and personal. Luckily, she has Ricky’s complete support.

Jane Fallon on why she doesn't want children

Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon

The couple, who’ve been together since 1982, always agreed that children weren’t for them. But at one point, they had a final conversation about the issue.

‘I remember steeling myself, trying to imagine what I would do if he’d had a change of heart,’ Jane says. ‘I was so convinced of my decision that I couldn’t even imagine the alternative. It turned out he had been having the same anxiety about me. Cue much relief and celebration.’

To find out more about how Jane arrived at her decision – and why she’s confident she won’t regret it – pick up the May issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now.

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