Jade’s cancer spreads to brain

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  • Jade in hospital after agonising cancer 'spreads to brain'

    Jade Goody endured one of her darkest days yesterday after being told her cancer has spread to her brain.

    The news came as the tragic reality star underwent an hour-long operation last night to help relieve ‘terrible pain‘ in her stomach and remove a blockage in her bowel.

    A family friend said: ‘Jade was told while in a hospice at the weekend that the cancer was travelling freely in her blood and has spread to her brain.

    ‘This is, of course, awful, but not unexpected. She has already been told the disease is terminal.

    ‘But by understanding how it is travelling in her body, the doctors have a chance of giving her the right medication to control her pain.

    ‘This hasn’t shortened her life expectancy, which remains at weeks. But of course it is another extremely painful reminder of what lies ahead.’

    The source added: ‘Jade still wants to go home, but won’t until she can be given the correct medication to make her condition bearable. She doesn’t want to see her kids upset.’

    Jade’s publicist Max Clifford, said yesterday that Jade’s life expectancy was two to four weeks.

    The reality star was desperate to get her two boys christened this weekend, but it is unclear whether she will now be too ill to continue with her plans.

    Clifford said yesterday: ‘Jade was taken to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital at lunchtime for a series of tests.

    ‘She will have surgery this evening to remove this blockage in her bowel which is causing her such pain.

    ‘If it is successful, it will dramatically improve Jade’s quality of life. She can have her drug intake reduced and should be able to start eating again.

    ‘It should enable her to be mobile again – and then Jade can do the thing she desperately wants to do, spend time with her boys.’

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