Jack Tweed rape trial begins

The court heard yesterday how Tweed reportedly raped a student at his home, as his friend held the bedroom door shut

Jack Tweed rape trial
Jack Tweed rape trial
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The court heard yesterday how Tweed reportedly raped a student at his home, as his friend held the bedroom door shut

A jury heard yesterday how Jack Tweed allegedly raped a 19-year-old student at his home, while his friend held the bedroom door shut.

The widower of reality TV star Jade Goody reportedly carried out the attack on the teenager after a night out back in September last year.


The court heard how Tweed's friend Anthony Davis stopped the young girl's friends coming to her aid, by holding the bedroom door shut and saying: ‘Don't worry Jack, I've got the door. Do what you've got to do.'

22-year-old Tweed firmly denies all allegations.

Prosecuting lawyer Linda Strudwick, told the jury that the alleged victim and her friends went back to Tweed's Woodford Green home after a night out at the Embassy Club in Mayfair.

She described the girl as ‘shy,' saying that she ‘made it plain to both defendants that she was not interested in them sexually.'

Tweed and Davies, 26, were described as ‘predatory' in their actions

Giving evidence from behind a screen, the alleged victim told Snaresbrook Crown Court that she was lured into the bedroom by Davis, who then called for Tweed to come in,

They shut the door and began to manhandle her,' Miss Strudwick said. ‘They were asking for a threesome. She said ‘No."

The jury were told that the girl's friends tried to get into the room but were told to go away.

Describing how the alleged victim was ‘nervous and scared,' Miss Strudwick continued to detail how Tweed reportedly raped the 19-year-old twice.

He knew that she wanted to leave,' she said. ‘He was preventing her and using force to push her onto the bed. This was not a joke or a game.'

Ronald Jaffa, defending Tweed, said that the complainant had been ‘excitable' rather than feeling uncomfortable, and described how the student was running around the home looking for pictures of Jade Goody.

Tweed denies two counts of rape and Davis denies one count of oral rape.

The trial continues.


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