Jack Tweed gets 12 weeks in jail

Jade Goody's husband has jail sentence slashed to 12 weeks, but should be out within six

Jack Tweed - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
Jack Tweed - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

Jade Goody's husband has jail sentence slashed to 12 weeks, but should be out within six

Jade Goody's husband, Jack Tweed, has been sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for assaulting a taxi driver. However, the 21-year-old should be out within half the time, after a judge said his 'recent change in circumstances' had been taken into account during the trial.

The charges stem from an incident last May when Tweed, already on bail for assaulting a teenager with a golf club, threatened to stab taxi driver Stephen Wilkins for refusing to take him home without a £50 advance.

He was found guilty of common assault back in May, but sentencing was deferred while he cared for his dying wife.

The magistrates presiding over the case pointed out that the charges would usually warrant an 18-week jail sentence, but Tweed's recent conduct meant they had cut the spell down to 12 weeks – and he can expect to serve only half that time.

Margaret Webb, the chairman of the magistrates, said during the hearing: 'The purpose of the sentence is punishment and protection of the public.

'However we have borne in mind the recent change in your personal circumstances and have reflected this in the length of your sentence which would otherwise have been 18 weeks.'

Despite this, Tweed's family say they are unhappy with the ruling.

Outside the Harlow Magistrates' Court, his solicitor, George Kampanella, said: 'The family are devastated and feel that Jack has been treated more severely because of who he is. We are considering the prospects of an appeal.'

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