Hilarious: Max Greenfield’s Impression Of John Travolta In The People Vs. OJ Simpson Is Scarily Spot-On

Meet Max Greenfield doing Schmidt doing John Travolta doing Robert Shapiro…

Max Greenfield
Max Greenfield
(Image credit: YOUTUBE)

Meet Max Greenfield doing Schmidt doing John Travolta doing Robert Shapiro…

We’ll be honest, we have quite an almighty crush on Schmidt from New Girl. He’s so funny that we often make sweeping statements about how he deserves his own show. In fact we have trouble referring to the actor who plays him as Max Greenfield, as all we see is Schmidt.

We also currently have a huge obsession with American Crime Story: The People Vs. OJ Simpson (AKA The Show Everyone's Talking About), and spend far too much time doing impressions of the characters, especially John Travolta as Robert Shapiro. He’s actually pretty hard to nail. We feel we concentrate too much on getting the eyebrows right. 

Anyway, we digress, but we do have a point here. Schmidt / Max appeared on US chat show The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and did an impression of John Travolta playing lawyer Robert Shapiro that was so almighty we expected Cuba Gooding Jr to slam his hands on the table and yell: ‘But I’m The Juice!’

Oh and Max does this while in character as Schmidt. 

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It’s best if he explains… 

‘We have a new baby at home and I’ve been tired. So I decided to start doing some John Travolta during [New Girl] takes to see if anybody noticed. And speaking of directions – the director yelled: “Max can we do one take when you’re in character, please?” because I was playing Travolta throughout a lot of the takes.’

And then follows the greatest Schmidt / John Travolta / Robert Shapiro impression of all time. Take a look.

Oh the creative genius that can come out of baby induced sleep-deprivation. Thanks for bringing that into our lives.

If you’re hooked on The People Vs. OJ Simpson too, then take a look at when John Tavolta and Courtney B. Vance (Johnny Cochrane) appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show to talk about getting into character.

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