Halle Berry dating co-star Olivier Martinez

The A-list actress has been spotted kissing her co-star in Paris during a break from filming their new movie

Is Halle Berry dating Olivier Martinez?
Is Halle Berry dating Olivier Martinez?
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The A-list actress has been spotted kissing her co-star in Paris during a break from filming their new movie

Hot new couple alert! Hollywood honey Halle Berry was spotted kissing her latest co-star, Olivier Martinez, in Paris.

The duo are currently working on underwater thriller Dark Tide, but took a break from filming in Martinez's home town.

During their romantic getaway, onlookers spotted them holding hands, flirting and stealing a steamy kiss in a Parisian doorway.

'It was the classic 'I'm going to kiss you here in a dark corner' move', a spy told People. 'And she was waiting to be kissed.'

Before their stolen smooch, Berry and Martinez were seen shopping at a Paris flea market.

Another eyewitness says, 'They had their arms around each other as they walked. They were both smiling and laughing Their body language was very flirtatious. They definitely seemed like a couple – absolutely looked like more than friends.'

Martinez has dated a string of gorgeous women including Kylie Minogue and Juliette Binoche, while Berry has a daughter Nahla, 2, with male supermodel Gabriel Aubry.

The new couple had dinner in Paris at the secluded Casa Bini restaurant before Martinez took his female co-star on a back-streets tour of the city on the way back to his apartment.

Dark Tide sees Berry playing a scuba diver who swims with Great White sharks, while Martinez plays her ex-boyfriend. We're sure this is one relationship they're both happy to get their teeth into...



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