Guy Ritchie bans Madonna Christmas

Guy Ritchie scraps plans for Madonna to stay at Christmas

Madonna and Guy Ritchie
Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie scraps plans for Madonna to stay at Christmas

Guy Ritchie and Madonna were full of good intentions to put their differences aside for just one day at Christmas, and enjoy the festivities together in London. But the idea of spending the night under the same room as his former wife proved too much for Guy - and he's called the idea off.

The couple had agreed to put on a united front and make the day as normal as possible for children Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight, and David, three.

But in a sudden change of heart, kids, he says, are more than welcome to stay the night at the couple's former country pile, Ashcombe House - now owned by Guy - but Madonna, unfortunately, is not.

A source close to the pair told The Sun: 'Guy is desperate to see the children on Christmas Day and was OK with them all spending the day at Ashcombe.

'He was even willing to have Madonna there and try to be civilised for the sake of the children.

'But having her stay over was just too much.

'He couldn't bear the thought of her padding round the kitchen next morning like old times - there are too many sad memories.'

Madonna is rumoured not to be a fan of the house, but was willing to stay there at Christmas for the sake of the children.

The source added: 'It's not as if she can stay in the B&B up the road. There's nowhere suitable nearby.

'They're trying to come to some sort of solution but they just can't agree on anything - and it's getting very late to organise.

'If one of them doesn't back down, it could be a very unhappy Christmas.

'It seems they were a bit over optimistic to think they could call a truce.'

The Queen of Pop is reportedly flying new friend Alex Rodriguez to London with her on 23 December, and putting him up in a five-star hotel while she celebrates Christmas Day in Wiltshire.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall.


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