Why we need to stop telling France’s first lady what to wear

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  • So what if she's 64 and wants to wear a short skirt?

    So Donald and Melania Trump attended the 14th July celebrations in France, and of course, being Trump, he made a creepy comment about Brigitte Macron’s body. But as outrageous as that was, something else made me uncomfortable about this visit.

    It was the fact that people are still age shaming France’s First Lady, and telling her what ‘age-appropriate’ clothing to wear. So she wore a short skirt. Big deal. Regardless of the fact she’s in ‘good shape’ as Mr. Trump so eloquently put it, she should be allowed to wear whatever she wants as long as it makes her feel good.

    A quick glance on social media tells me that apparently, she’s not. Comments range from ‘she should really cover up, she’s not 20 anymore’ to ‘Oh la la! Brigitte Macron wears a THIGH slit zip-through white dress to meet the Trumps’.

    first lady outfits

    There’s also those comparing her outfit to Melania Trump’s. ‘Look, how lovely is it that Melania is wearing a below-the-knee dress, Brigitte should surely take note,’ blah, blah, you get the picture.

    Because, obviously, why wouldn’t we pit two powerful women against each other, right? Let’s take a moment and imagine what it would be like if we criticised Donald Trump or Emmanuel Macron’s outfits.

    For example, if we deemed that Trump was too old to wear such a bright blue tie. It just wouldn’t happen, would it?

    So let’s not reduce Brigitte Macron to what she wears, and focus instead on what she does, shall we? Because as far as I can tell, her short skirts have no impact on her heading up an office in France’s Government, or her husband’s policies.


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