Emma Stone sizzles for Vanity Fair

The actress talks dropping out of high school and her career lows in revealing new interview

Emma Stone covers Vanity Fair magazine
Emma Stone covers Vanity Fair magazine
(Image credit: Vanity Fair)

The actress talks dropping out of high school and her career lows in revealing new interview

Well hello, Emma Stone! The 22-year-old actress give a jaw-dropping turn as Vanity Fair's latest cover girl, wearing nothing but a cute red and white striped bikini and a flash of red lipstick.

In her first appearance for the magazine, the young actress – who has three films hitting cinema screens this summer – reveals the moment she thought her Hollywood career wouldn’t take off: an audition for the sci-fi TV series, Heroes.

She recalls: 'I could hear that, in the other room a girl had jut gone in and they were saying, 'You’re our pick…On a scale of one to ten you’re an 11'. I went home and just had this meltdown.'

That girl just happened to be Hayden Panettiere who landed the role of Claire Bennet, and Stone says the experience made her hit ‘rock bottom’.

In the interview, she also talks of dropping out of high school, moving to LA and working part-time in a dog bakery (yes, really!) before landing a role in her breakout film, Superbad.

She explains: ‘I did Superbad in what would’ve been my senior year. I was playing a senior, and had I graduated I would’ve missed that opportunity, and had I missed that opportunity I wouldn’t be here right now.’

Stone’s career is now well and truly on the up with a string of flicks out this summer alone – Friends with Benefits, The Help, and Crazy, Stupid, Love. But the film that’s really expected to catapult her to superstardom is next year’s The Amazing Spider-Man, in which she stars alongside rumoured new boyfriend Andrew Garfield in the latest big screen adaptation of the comic book hero.

Get set to see a lot more of Emma Stone...